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Liveio is the new natural platform online to find the property of your dreams! A full scale real-estate and network that offer European-based housing of all sorts.

The main intention with is to create a groundbreaking new way for sellers, buyers, agents, landlords and tenants to get in contact. By assembling all the market players in one room you're able cut many of the time dragging procedures that you normally associate with real-estate deals.

As a private user, you can create an account, chat with agents, search for homes in areas you want to live, participate in the Forum and post inspiration under Home design. All to find your next dream home.

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Why should I become a private On Demand-user?

  • Find properties all over Europe
  • Browse for available Real Estate Agents
  • Compare banks related to the objects
  • Get access to the user Forum
  • Post inspiration under Home Design


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