Reach new clients

Go beyond your national market

Why settle for a platform that are just mainly constructed for the private buyer? Why not also design a service that include all partys at the negotiation table? And while we’re at it – why make distinction between the market place for selling and renting out?

Liveio is a platform equally designed to meet the needs of the professional broker as the house hunting private individual. Motivated by the notion that the boundaries are nonexistent we added the opportunity for agents to pinpoint and establish contact with the right clients for the real-estate in question.

Agents can create their own personal channel in the network, form an inviting profile page, are able to list their current properties for sale and inform about upcoming open house showings. By signing up for a Liveio Agent-account you guarantee to expand your client base – from a local to global scale.

Why should I become a Liveio Agent?

  • Reach a new international client base
  • List unlimited amount of properties for sale or rent
  • Create your own personalized advertising page
  • Team up together and represent an agency
  • For only 24€ + VAT / Month


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This is just the beginning. Soon the Liveio experience will contain the ability to indulge in home inspiration, guides, bank options and user forums. Be the first to know by signing up to our newsletter!