About Liveio

Why Liveio?

A complete marketplace to find and advertise property online

The idea behind Liveio was formed around a big gap in the market. We, the Swedish founders of the service, couldn’t find a smart and innovative platform around that gave the user the opportunity to browse and compare properties in different countries.

There existed national alternatives, but not really a online plattform that were able to integrate real-estate markets in the whole of Europe. After a couple intense months of developing we can now proudly present the smoothest and most comprehensive way to buy, sell and rent property.


Why should I use Liveio?

  • Search and find properties of all kinds all over Europe
  • Browse and compare agents
  • List property for sell and rent
  • Create tasteful advertising pages for your properties

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This is just the beginning. Soon the Liveio experience will contain the ability to indulge in home inspiration, guides, bank options and user forums. Be the first to know by signing up to our newsletter!