How do I create an account?

Top-right hand corner click on "Sign up"

We have three ways to easily sign in via Liveio.

Creating an account with us on Liveio is easy. In the top-right hand corner, choose "Sign Up". You can also log in and then select "NOT A MEMBER YET?" to get to the registry.


Fill your email address and your password. You can also click "Login" and choose "NOT A MEMBER YET?" to enter the registration. Once you have filled in Email and Password, simply click on "Sign Up". Once you have clicked "Sign up", an activation link will be sent to the selected Email address.


Login with Google:

If you wish to sign in with your Google account, you can easily choose "Login with Google" as an alternative. Then you will be sent to a Google-login-page where you log in with your e-mail account, then you will be sent back to Liveio and logged in.

Login with Facebook:

Another common alternative is to use Facebook as the login method. You simply choose "Log in with Facebook". There you will be sent to a Facebook-login-page, when you use your Facebook creditals to log in to us on Liveio.


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